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Patient of the Week: March 4, 2021

Patient Mark Weller thumbs up


Mark Weller

I would give Dr James 5 stars for being an excellent chiropractic care provider. Before coming to see James I have been suffering from a very sharp pain in my back for years. Sometimes I had difficulty getting out of bed. Now I am not even in the middle of my treatment, but what a relief Dr James and his team have given me already. I look forward to coming and strongly advise you not to hesitate to book with the clinic.



Romford and Ilford Family Chiropractic | 0208 2521010

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  1. Marylyn Musgrave says
    Mar 20, 2021 at 3:25 PM

    I am not a patient of Dr James anymore as we moved out of the area 5 years ago and headed to Hampshire. I just need to say this - that I remained under his care and treatment for at least 10+ years because of a condition that needed regular adjustment to give me quality of life. So far, after 5 years I have not found a chiropractor who offers as good as his chìropractic treatment is, who is as thorough and is as knowledgeable as Dr James! As well when it comes to vitamins and nutrition I would ask Dr James first, as he helped me so much get on the right track with my diet.

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