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Chiropractor Romford, Dr. James Faulkner

Dr James Faulkner, Chiropractor

Understanding the Difference Chiropractic Can Make

Dr Faulkner, D.C. parents worked in South Africa for two years and while drilling for water to help the population, a tire was punctured and rolled their Land Rover over five times! His mother had to pull his father out from the burning Jeep before it flew up. As a result, his father suffered from severe back pain. Over the course of a decade, nothing seemed to help. Finally, he saw a chiropractor who was educated at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) who got him out of pain.

Dr Faulkner, D.C. was an active person growing up and always enjoyed playing club football, cricket, tennis, athletics and county rugby. After experiencing some injuries, he decided to start looking into a career in the healthcare sector. He realized he wanted to get into the field when a chiropractor who helped him with a rib injury made him realise that he wanted to be able to do the same for others. He attended the same institution who had helped his father all those years ago, the AECC.

A Well-Rounded Education

During his years at the AECC, Dr Faulkner, D.C. began getting adjusted regularly. Soon, he no longer suffered from his lifelong seasonal dust and pollen allergies. “That’s when I really understood the chiropractic message. I began to live a chiropractic lifestyle with reduced inflammation, proper diet and a balanced brain.” He graduated from the AECC in 2003 and began practicing.

In addition to his Bachelors of Science and Masters in Chiropractic, Dr Faulkner D.C. has undertaken extra training. He has invested multiple seminars from paediatrics, techniques, neurological, and specific postural adjusting systems. He also has achieved three new certificates in 2020 by American Posture Institute in posture, geriatrics, neurology and soon pediatrics. Along with being certified in Rock Tape courses – basic and advanced, he is also certified in fascia tools. In addition to these studies, he has recently completed studies in Exercise and Pain Relief.

Dr Faulkner, D.C. completed the official Neuro-Linguistic Programming Course to improve communication and care for clients.

Providing Personalised Healthcare

I love seeing a person’s smiling face when they get off the adjusting table. It’s amazing to see the results.

Dr Faulkner, D.C. understands the need for a personal touch in healthcare, adapting everything he does to the individual. At each of your adjustments, he does what he calls “show and tell,” demonstrating the weakness before and after he makes corrections. As Dr Faulkner says, “Patient education is better than medication.” He provides care with action steps that you can apply immediately to your life.

A Passion for Family and Golf

At the end of the day, Dr Faulkner, D.C. tries to head straight to the golf range. Afterwards, he can return home to be the best dad and husband possible. His two children are Max and Charlotte. Max recently had his first school photograph at nursery and is thriving there. Charlotte loves performing arts and taekwondo.

Though golf is his main passion outside of family, Dr Faulkner, D.C. fits in gym workouts and martial arts whenever he can.

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