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Massage Therapy at
Romford and Ilford Family Chiropractic

The use of massage can be traced back to 2700 B.C., when it was applied to address chills, fever and paralysis in China. The famous Greek physician Hippocrates recommended that massage be used to treat sports and war injuries in 400 B.C. At Romford and Ilford Family Chiropractic, we’re pleased to offer this healing art.

Massage Techniques

The range of techniques available at our centre include

  • AromaTouch massage
  • Colon massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Face massage
  • Fascial massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Lymph massage
  • Massage for the elderly
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Sinus massage
  • Sports massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Thai massage
  • Thai reflexology

A massage involves pressure applied by hand to the soft tissues of the body. Stroking, kneading, rubbing and compression may all be used. Because everyone is unique, the type of massage that’s right for you will depend on a few factors. We’ll take your particular situation into account such as your condition, level of health and comfort level. Your preferences are important, and your feedback is always welcome during your massage.

Though most people associate massage with some type of pain relief, its benefits are far-reaching. They include physical and mental aspects, such as

  • Aids mental relaxation
  • Assists in recovery from injuries or illness
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Diminishes chronic pain
  • Diminishes mental stress
  • Enhances skin tone
  • Full-body relaxation
  • Improves concentration

  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Loosens tight muscles
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Reduces heart rate
  • Reduces tension headaches
  • Relieves tired, aching muscles
  • Strengthens your immune system

Getting a massage triggers the release of serotonin, which is your body’s antidepressant. You can feel the effects immediately afterwards. You may be calmer, more focused and overall happier after your massage.

We have a male and a female massage therapist on staff. You can schedule with either of them. Abu and Wendy have years of experience and offer the same broad array of techniques. They’ll discuss your concerns with you, then tailor your massage experience to you. You’re welcome to schedule regular massages or book in on an as-needed basis.

Massage patients should be 6 years of age and up. You must avoid having a massage if you have a fever or an infectious disease. If you have arthritis, diabetes, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, trapped nerves or cancer, you must speak with your doctor before getting a massage.

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