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Pregnancy Chiropractic at
Romford and Ilford Family Chiropractic

Couple hands on pregnant bellyWhen you become a patient at Romford and Ilford Family Chiropractic, you’ll receive the focused care you need. It’s no different when you’re an expecting mom. Chiropractic has been proven to be a safe, effective way to boost your function and get ready for the best possible delivery. Just like our other patients, pregnant women will be adjusted, have their posture improved and work on balancing their brain.

Ensuring Your Comfort During Pregnancy

The hormones released when you’re pregnant enable your body to adapt to your growing baby. The body’s soft connective tissues become laxer thanks to these hormones. As a result, you may have less stability in your spine. That means you’re more prone to injury and may feel aches or pains.

As your centre of gravity shifts with your growing belly, your lower back curve increases. This curve increases the pressure on your spinal discs, muscles and nerves in the low back. Our form of care supports you during these changes. You can get adjusted up to about a week before your baby is born.

The Structural Changes You’ll Experience

As your baby grows, your pelvis will change to accommodate him or her. With more stress on your pelvis, a misalignment in the lower back becomes more likely. With such a misalignment, you can experience pain in the buttock, lower back or groin. Even more alarming is the possibility of the changes made to the birth canal when this misalignment is present.

Your baby already has to move through a small opening during birth. If the birth canal size decreases due to a misalignment, more stress is placed on both Mom and baby during the birthing process.

How We May Help You

As a chiropractor, Dr Faulkner is trained to analyse your pelvis and spine. In doing so, he can determine where any misalignments are present. Then, gentle corrections can be made with the aim of reducing your pain and balancing your pelvis. With your body in its optimum balance, your baby has the best chance at being in the proper position for birth.

To learn more about pregnancy chiropractic Romford or to book your appointment, contact our team now! Same-day visits are available.


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