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Dr Dela Ackuaku, Chiropractor

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“I like being a conduit to help people heal themselves.”

Before embarking on the path towards becoming a chiropractor, Dr Dela, D.C. worked in the alternative wellness field for over 15 years. She worked as a Reiki therapist and sports massage therapist. A chiropractor worked at the same practice where she provided massage therapy, and she witnessed the remarkable results people received, which was astounding to her. “I loved it!”

Dr Dela, D.C. has had multiple therapies over the years, but she hasn’t experienced anything that worked as quickly as chiropractic. “I felt the results immediately, and the chiropractor who worked at the same place suggested to me that he thought I’d be a really good chiropractor.” So she enrolled in chiropractic college.

Education and Training

Chiropractor Dr Dela earned her degree from McTimoney College of Chiropractic. One of her aha moments was looking at the work of chiropractic’s founder Dr D.D. Palmer and his son Dr B.J. Palmer and their chiropractic philosophy.

“My perspective on chiropractic is ever-evolving, as I’m discovering so much more about different techniques and chiropractic approaches. Reading old chiropractic philosophies has given me a stronger foundation as a chiropractor.”

Dr Dela, D.C. completed the official Neuro-Linguistic Programming Course to improve communication and care for clients.

To further expand her knowledge, Dr Dela D.C. has completed training in the following chiropractic modalities:

  • Thompson Technique
  • Kairos Training Culture
  • Syntropy Full Spine adjusting
  • BGI posterior geometry
  • Rock Tape (certified in basic and advanced)
  • Certificate in Exercise and Pain Relief

With a high vibration and upbeat energy, Dr Dela, D.C. is passionate about helping patients experience optimal health!


A Passion for Family and Personal Growth

Personal growth is one of Chiropractor Dr Dela’s great passions. Part of her journey towards being her best self included participating in Unleash The Power Within with Anthony Robbins, as well as attending Abraham Hicks Seminars.

My greatest passion by far is my two young adult sons, who are incredible human beings. A close second is my love for NBA basketball.

Her other favourite activities include attending live music events, such as open mic ones, meditation, yoga, travelling, music, dancing, and food. She also loves exploring natural therapies and has a passion for spirituality.

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